Our Services​​

Environmental Outreach Strategies is a firm that:

  • Brings a substantive understanding of environmental issues, policies, regulations, technology and trends.
  • Has participated in hundreds of outreach and communications programs related to environmental issues.
  • Understands the formal and informal outreach and communications activities related to reviews under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).
  • Knows the influential individuals and entities that make up the broader environmental community, including environmental organizations, elected officials and staff, regulators, the media and private interests.
  • Can serve as a strategic counselor to ensure clients receive tailored services that meet their specific needs – whether the need is strategic planning or implementing an entire campaign.
  • Has the ability to rapidly organize and manage a larger team of public relations, policy, research, legal, technical, scientific and campaign experts.​


Our Objectives:


Clients look to us when they need to engage elected officials, government agencies, and community stakeholders about complex environmental issues. This is based on our collective experience working for and with elected officials and their staff, and regulators.



Whether dealing with policy makers, regulators, environmental organizations, or other audiences on complex environmental issues, we help clients make their case and achieve their objectives because we understand how these target audiences view the world, what are their “hot” issues, and how to engage them in a way that promotes collaboration and open communication.



We help clients design and implement targeted programs that can reach environmental stakeholders, government entities, community groups, civic leaders or the general public.



When clients have difficult concepts they need to convey such as the environmental tradeoffs between landfilling and incineration technologies, or the need for a new energy infrastructure, they turn to us for strategies, messages and media training.